Thursday, April 10, 2008

Course list complete!

Students signed up for this class at record speed, and by the time Kayla checked the computer this morning at 12.30 am, just a few minutes into end-of-First Year pre-registration, it was full. Before dawn even!

Below is the list of students, so you can begin to make friends and post to the blog. Student leaders are to the right. The syllabus will be posted here before the beginning of summer, and an email list serve will be provided so you can email to all the students, students leaders and instructors.

Student list:
Balcom, Erin E (Erin)
Behn, Amber S (Amber)
Berry, Charlotte A (Charlotte)
Boyle, Quinn Patric (Quinn)
Brummel, Jessica (Jess)
Collins, Meredith A (Meredith)
Dorsey, Tiffany L (Tiffany)
Duncan, Paul M (Paul)
Elting, William M (Will)
Hammond, David M (David)
Jaroche, Casey D (Casey)
Lavoie, Jessica E (Jessica)
Milligan, Patrick C (Patrick)
Peabody, Anna R (Anna)
Ryan, Alicyn N (Alicyn)
Saylor, Ian Micheal (Ian)
Shepard, Kiera M (Kiera)
Smith, Amanda L (Amanda)
Vorpagel, Kyle L (Kyle)
Webber, Brandon M (Brandon)

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