Saturday, September 27, 2008

A bracing experience...

Inset cross bracing is old-fashioned but very sturdy. Learning to do it well takes some patience, and you have to be handy with tools.

In Yorkshire, if a worker is clumsy, we call him "cack-handed," a term that comes down to us from ancient Anglo-gaelic and is best left untranslated.

Our barn-builders proved, for the most part, not cack-handed at building frames and cross-bracing them. We still have a few frame sections to make, but it won't take long next week to finish.

The practice at chiseling out insets for cross-bracing will stand us in good stead when chiseling out mortices.

I ordered the 6 by 6 and 6 by 8 lumber for beams and posts, dug out and sharpened my framing and skew chisels, and will buy a new auger bit today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Favorite pic of the Day

And Nils wins my favorite pic of the day award for 9/12/08. This was while a group of us were watching Nils attempt to remove a flat tire off of a trailer. He eventually got it.

At Work Sep. 12, 2008

Here are just a few photos of the work we did on Friday morning, week 3

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some shots of our workday at MOFGA last Friday.

This MOFGA barn-raising has been fairly high pressure. With the fair coming so soon, they needed to get the building finished. That was good and bad for our barn-building class. On the one hand, they got to see how chaotic and dangerous a place a construction site is. On the other hand, everyone becomes rapidly aware of how important teamwork is, and how even the ground crew all have essential work that keeps the whole project moving.

MOFGA personnel were not wearing hard hats, at least not all of them. I couldn't control that, although I tried to get all the Unity College workstudy students that were working for MOFGA to wear them, even though they were not under my direct supervision.

But in these shots, if a person is wearing a hard hat, they're a member of our class.