Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some shots of our workday at MOFGA last Friday.

This MOFGA barn-raising has been fairly high pressure. With the fair coming so soon, they needed to get the building finished. That was good and bad for our barn-building class. On the one hand, they got to see how chaotic and dangerous a place a construction site is. On the other hand, everyone becomes rapidly aware of how important teamwork is, and how even the ground crew all have essential work that keeps the whole project moving.

MOFGA personnel were not wearing hard hats, at least not all of them. I couldn't control that, although I tried to get all the Unity College workstudy students that were working for MOFGA to wear them, even though they were not under my direct supervision.

But in these shots, if a person is wearing a hard hat, they're a member of our class.

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