Monday, December 8, 2008

My Reflection

Well in this class I learned a great deal of things, and had a blast doing it. When I was a kid my father and older brother would always were building things and working with wood and other things. When I was a little girl, I was right there with them try to build things as well. I was very interested in carpentry. When I was getting older I learned to appreciate all the work they did when I was little. Now I enjoy picking up a hammer and nail. More recently I've gained a great interest in building this myself and not buying it. When I signed up for this class last spring I thought that I would learn more and have fun but still be safe. I was right, but the class has been right down to what I was looking for. After looking at the semester and what we did I feel like I should be in carpentry.The first thing that comes to mind when reflecting on this class is all the hard work we all did to start the New Barn. Just because we did not have the 2nd permit we as a class help others out and started to build parts of the New Barn. I feel that there were a few classmates that wanted to do all that we could to get as much as the New Barn done before snow falls or it get to cold out. I also feel that motivation was good in most of the class. I do have to say my motivation at first went down but I was still having fun. I liked getting up on Friday mornings and having class time outside at 8am. It just got the whole class to the New Barn site and working together. When I was down there getting my hands on some tools and getting all dirty. Seeing parts of the barn being built was great.I liked how Mick was trying to find other projects for the class and he did a great job. We got an opportunity to work at MOFGA and the Alpaca Farm as well as our own farm. I liked how we got to work with the local community as it was important to help others when needed. I am really glad to have been involved with this class. I was able to participate in tons of this for class. In this class I learned that safety glasses and hard hats should be worn around Mick and how helpful his is to the one that may not know how to use a tool.
I am thankful for the time we spent putting in to the New Barn but not seeing it right now. I know for me it wasn't but because of my inexperience in what we were talking about. Sometimes when people were talk I would just try and listen. Mick wanted us to know about Environmental Citizen.
I really enjoyed this class, even though there is still not a New Barn. I feel like I have made a difference and learned more about new things. I can’t wait to see the frames come out of storage and the barn actually being put up. I would take any class that as this much hands on at Unity College. I think being a part of building the new cottages for students is a great idea. I hope the New Barn just finished before a other class like this happens.

Thank you to all that made barn time fun!!!

Erin Balcom

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